heart attack

Speaking of FHE (thanks for all the GREAT ideas by the way), this week we did our traditional Valentine's "Heart Attack" (I still thank Nicole every year for this idea).

We each write what we love about each different family member on a heart. Then we heart-attack the kitchen with them.

We embellished some with yarn this year just for fun.

Lucy's contribution:
Translation: "I love my family even though I scream a lot and swipe them away when they're trying to help me and yell 'no' in a mean voice."

Claire's need a teeny bit of translation too...she puts her words any which way that fits:
Translation: "I love Lucy because she plays with me." (Do you like those great scratches on the fridge?)

Translation: "I love Mom because she makes good food."

We went around and read them all after we taped them up and I loved watching the kids eyes glow with excitement when I read what people said about them.

I love to be surrounded by all that love all month.

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