I'd like to introduce our newest "family member:"Yes, I finally decided to switch to Canon.

And although I feel like I'm getting carpel tunnel in my fingers and wrists trying to figure out all the new knobs and buttons, I really like my new camera.

That's not to say I haven't looked longingly and lovingly back at my Nikon beauty over and over again as I've tried to figure out how in the world to have this new one take it's place! It's proven to be a big adjustment both with the technicalities of the camera and all my settings in Lightroom.

But, slowly but surely I'm falling in love.

Here are the reasons I switched:

1) I wanted to upgrade to a full-frame camera. This meant that either brand I chose I'd need to invest in some new lenses. (My favorite lens I used for EVERYTHING with my Nikon was made specifically for a crop-frame camera.) So I kinda felt like I was at square-one on the equipment although I do have a LOT of Nikon stuff to sell now:(Look at those beautiful boxes...even the Nikon boxes are works of art in my opinion. I know, I'm totally way too dramatic and I know Dave is rolling his eyes as he reads this, but I'm into that stuff and the Canon box is just plain old black and white. Ok, gotta stop, I am a Canon girl now...)

2) This Canon camera has amazing video capabilities. I'm talking crystal-clear, perfect picture. And I feel like I want to video stuff more often. Pictures capture glimpses which I obviously adore, but there's nothing like having voices and funny idiosyncrasies captured forever alongside the pictures.

3) I read tons and tons of reviews which made me realize that I really couldn't go wrong with either camera...they were both works of art. But I wanted the video option.

4) I went to this great professional photography store and experimented with both full-frame cameras I had my eye on. The Canon is way lighter than the hefty Nikon one, and in some ways seems almost like a toy in comparison (sorry Canon die-hards), BUT, then I thought to myself, what's wrong with a lighter camera when it's something I carry all over creation?? The Canon just felt like a good fit for me.

So, there you have it. I am a new woman.

Now I just need to figure out how the heck to STORE all these humongo files I'm taking (I think the 21 megapixels is a little bit overkill), and how to keep up with and manage the video stuff.

I'm off to ice my sore hands...