home sweet home: entry way

So, our entry way started like this:

Then we painted the door almost black way back when (this is the only picture I have for some reason):The "Love More" is just something I put up there because it has some special meaning in our family...and who doesn't need a little reminder to "love more" once in a while?

After our "spruce-up" we ended up with this (although that archway is NOT blue...not sure why it looks like that):

And here it is with a little of the dining room in there too...before I finished those window pane thingys:{see the finished window panes in the dining room re-do here.}

My favorite part? (Aside from the fact that it's bright and light and has that rug that I love sitting there for me to walk by all day long):

This thing:

Sweet Stephanie Nielsen told me how to do this...I hope she doesn't mind me sharing, but I'm sure she's explained it to plenty of people before. This is how you do it:

1) Take side profile pictures of your children. Print them at whatever size you'd like to display (I just printed mine on cardstock from my computer).

2) Cut out the images.

3) Paint them black.

Thank you Stephanie!

I just bought a big black frame from Aaron Brothers (I love Aaron Brothers), covered the cardboard inside with that same course linen I used in the dining room and stuck on the silhouettes along with numbers from a nearby scrapbook store.

Whallah! There you have your silhouettes.

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