in front of the camera

A couple weeks ago, the day after unpacking from our Fall Break trip and just before parent/teacher conferences, taking off for the Vegas Time Out for Women, helping run our stake primary leadership meeting and attending three primary programs and a baptism fireside, something crazy happened:

A camera crew flew in from Utah to capture our life as we know it here in the desert. It was for you ever looked up that site? If you haven't, you should...because it is good.

Which makes me happy because we need someone pretty darn good to edit and fix all my not-good-in-front-of-a-camera problems. I wonder if they can make a bad hair day look good too? And maybe take out some of those wrinkles? Hmmmm.

I must say I felt very humbled that they were capturing my life of all people, and as much as I'm SO not good in front of the camera it was all worth it because my kids were so excited about this they could hardly stand it.

Our house was filled with lights and all kinds of equipment...what a great chance to record life as we know it...except that I froze like a deer in the headlights when they asked me questions about myself. Why do I do that? Why can I just ramble things off on the phone or to a friend and then all of a sudden when I have a chance to make a record of all my theories and ideas my brain turns directly into putty?

Near the end of the day they wanted to capture a photo shoot. So we loaded all the kids up in the car quick as a wink and ran over to our favorite field.

All my inhibitions faded into the background as I got to focus on what I love most. These kids.

Oh I am SO much more comfortable behind the camera rather than smack-dab in front of it.

I made the videographers get in for a shot too...I mean, why should they get to have the comfort of being behind the camera all day?
They use my same camera (Canon 5D Mark II), along with the 7D. If they can do what they do with my camera I sure as heck have a bunch to learn. I love their video techniques (click here to see what I mean.) I loved talking shop with them. Now I need to save up for one of those little monitor thingies they have connected up to their cameras. They were pretty amazing.

I'm just crossing my fingers they can miraculously make some semblance out of all my rambling. (They are pretty awesome, so just maybe...)

I hope it come across loud and clear how much I adore being a mother. I hope it will show that although it's true that I love photography and blogging, being right here, right now, with this family of mine is the most priceless blessing in my life.

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